Real Estate Agent in Bronx have consistently helped our buyers in buying the best. The case is identical to the sellers too. We have always made sure that they get high prices for their property. Our articles are helpful for both parties. Today, this article is dedicated to our seller readers.

When people hunt for houses, they search for the perfect ones. A well-maintained and beautiful home is everyone’s preference these days. It’s the responsibility of sellers to make necessary house fixes before selling. Ethically and legally, he cannot hide the house problems from the buyers. Therefore, renovations are essential. Despite this considerable responsibility, some sellers still try to fool potential buyers. They try to tape and hide all the problems with temporary fixtures. But they don’t know that those small DIYs cannot satisfy a buyer. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or wobbly hinges on cabinets, it’s a problem. If they remain unaddressed, they can influence the buyer’s decision. No matter minor or significant, fixing an issue is compulsory. With this, things will be easier and smoother for both buyer and seller.

This article of Real Estate Agent in Bronx has five crucial red flags. They are the buyer’s center of attention undeniably. For a seller, it’s essential to repair them quickly before the buyer’s arrival. Continue reading and learn more.

Shut Off Water Supply In Bathroom

Toilet running issue is common these days. For this, the seller plays smart by turning off the water supply. But this isn’t enough to fool out today’s buyers. As they check everything during their walk-in tour. Imagine the embarrassment if the buyer questions this out to you. The case will remain the same even if you turn on the water supply. You will still face embarrassment with the running toilet.


Flapper failure is the leading cause of running toilets. It can catch debris and dirt, due to which it cannot work correctly. The flapper needs to be replaced after two to three months for uninterruptible toilet working. It is not as expensive as the price ranges between $60 – $120.  Anyone can fix this. Therefore, buy a new flapper and exchange it for solving the issue.

Freshly Painted Window Trims

Everything needs renovation and replacement after some time. The case is identical to the windows too. Windows with wooden frames look terrible after they passed their prime. For this, the seller paints them. They think that no one will notice that. But in actual paint, over rotten wood is more noticeable and prominent. Buyers will quickly identify this flaw by just putting their fingernails on the trim. If the nails go through the wood, they will know that the wood is rotten.


It’s better to spend some money instead of painting the rotted wood. It will save you from getting embarrassed by the buyers. Put out the rotten trim of the windows. Replace it and paint if you think it’s necessary.

A Room Ceiling With A Fresh Paint Coat

Leakage issues can arise in a house due to many reasons. Now, most of the time, sellers choose a quick fix. That is why they put fresh paint on the ceiling to hide the stain. Using fresh paint can save money, but it can alert the buyers too. The ceiling with the new paint coat will become more noticeable than other ceilings. The buyers could think that there could be something fishy behind the paint. Or else, the inspection team will also notice the fresh paint.


If your house has leakage issues, get it fixed properly. Painting an active leakage stain is a waste of money. Therefore, firstly call a professional to solve the leakage problem. Then use paint over it if necessary. Or else the ceiling will look fine after drying out. As it will reappear after a month.

A Room With Turned Off Lights

Electrical issues can be a cause of light flickering or light failure. It can occur in one or many rooms. For a single room, the seller may avoid spending money on electrical fixtures. Therefore, he will adopt a quick fix by turning the lights off. Now this will alert the buyers immediately. They will notice the whole lighted house except a single room. None of your lame excuses will work upon their question. The flickering lights will create an inescapable shameful situation for you.


Buy a good-quality voltage tester which lights up when getting electricity supply. Use it and trace the issue. Do this only if you have prior working experience with electricity. Make sure to feel safe while doing the voltage testing. For this, contact a professional electrician for assistance. He will identify the real issue by charging little money. If your house has old wiring, then it could be the buyer’s concern. Real Estate Agent in Bronx suggests you replace the wirings too.

A Room With Air Freshener & Dehumidifier

Sellers often place air fresheners and dehumidifiers in a dank room. They think that these products will remove the room’s flaws. But in actuality they alert the buyer’s radar. It’s a warning to them that the room has something fishy. It could be a mold, fungus, or anything else behind those products. The buyers will ask different investigating questions from you, which could cause you trouble.


Identify the root cause of the damp room. It’s better to find the main issue and spend a little more money. Rather than losing a potential buyer. Suppose the problem is moisture, research on ways to prevent it.  Figure out if it’s coming from the outside or inside the house. Contact a professional for proper assistance.


 Swing the odds in your support by fixing the red flags mentioned above. Real Estate Agent in Bronx know that people are looking for modish houses. Therefore, it’s better to avoid putting band-aids on issues. Gear up and use proper fixtures to solve them. Make your house tiptop by fixing these red flags. Get hundreds of interested buyers and sell your home at your desired price.  

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