We all fear heat waves because they damage everything, including plants as well. People have no idea about saving their plants from this cruel heat. But it’s no more with Real Estate Agent Bronx.

What Defines A Heat Wave?

A heatwave is a phase that has unusual high temperatures. It occurs when the temperature is above nine degrees Fahrenheit from the average. The period can last from two days to five days.

High temperatures ruin the beauty and freshness of things. Whether it’s a human or a plant, everything needs shade. What do you do when you go outside in scorching heat? You seek the comfort of your home sweet home. The case is the same with plants. They also cannot bear the blistering heat, but they cannot run anywhere. If you have pot plants, you can quickly bring them inside. But what if you don’t? Your plants and the whole garden will ruin in days. Severe heat becomes very traumatic for those delicate shrubs and flowers. Excessive heat cooks the roots and the top of the plants. It can cause sunburn, drooping, or death.

You can save your garden from the brutal heat waves. That is why we will provide you with complete guidelines in this article. Check out Real Estate Agent Bronx’s five tips below:

  1. Water The Plants A Little More

At high temperatures, water evaporates from the leaves of the plants. It leads to sunburn and wilting. In this situation, the plants need additional irrigation. That is why you need to give them extra water. It is best to follow this tip before the day of a heatwave. Do this in the early morning. It is the most effective time of day. The plants are fresh, and the temperature is low. They can carry and absorb the water efficiently and use it throughout the day. Remember to check the soil before watering plants. If the soil is already soggy, don’t pour excessive water. It is unhealthy for the plants.

  1. Use More Mulch For The Soil

Blistering temperature damages the whole plant, including the upper part and the roots. Adding mulch is the only solution for protecting your beloved plants. Start by adding layers of mulch. The layers should be three inches thicker. Put it around the shrubs, trees, and ground covers. Spread it to the drip line of plants. It will keep the soil chillier and save it from drying.

  1. Install Transitory Shades

Humans can run towards shade on a hot summer day, but plants can’t. For keeping them safe from sunburn, it’s essential to provide them with shades. It will lower the temperature to some degrees for them. You will need a shade cloth landscape burlap. These are readily available at nurseries or big stores. You can also order them online. They are affordable and vary in prices from $21 to $150. You can choose the one in your budget. Place the cloth on the top of the plants as covers. You can also use a portable shade roof to protect the garden. For smaller plants, use a chair or piece of the box. If possible, place your plants on rollers. It will allow you to move them in the shade at a high temperature quickly. For more shade ideas, visit the website of Real Estate Agent Bronx.

  1. Prevent Trimming The Plants

Our plants look more beautiful without damaged flowers, leaves, and stems. That is why we prune them immediately when we see damaged outer foliage. But we should not do this in the heatwave. Those dented shrubberies provide shade to the interior of plants and save them. Therefore, avoid trimming them till the temperature becomes normal again. You never know about the number of heat waves that may come. Hence, it’s better to wait until the end of the summer season.

  1. Omit The Fertilizing

Fertilizing the plants is suitable for their nourishment and growth. But not in the summer season. Plants use their energy while sustaining themselves in the scorching heat. After this, they left with zero energy. Due to this, they can’t fully take up and absorb fertilizers. The fertilizer remains in the soil when you put them in the plants. It can lead to damaging or even burning of plants. Therefore, skip your plant fertilizing routine in the heatwave. Resume it again after the end of the summer season.


People keep watering their plants in the summer season. Without even knowing the actual methods of protecting the garden from the heat waves. They think that it will save them from the heat. It leads to the damaging or death of plants. But Real Estate Agent Bronx doesn’t want you to make the same mistake. We want your plants and garden to be healthy in every season. Follow the tips mentioned in this article and protect your plants. Make your garden more attractive and a heat survival this year.

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